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  • What constitutes the Ultimate CV?

    We are often asked (here in George James) what makes the ideal CV. I have spent many hours discussing this very topic with colleagues in George James and others in the industry hiring high potential people and some of the key points that most agree on are summarized below: There is no one agreed format […]

  • The Role of the Interim CEO in start-up companies

    Start-up companies need investment. Investors look for an experienced commercially orientated management team, as well as good technology, when considering opportunities. The interim CEO can provide that commercial experience. Bruce Savage, founder of BioQuest Consulting, is a successful interim manager who has helped several fledgling bioscience companies by working with the scientific founder to create […]

  • The Rise of Chambers of Commerce in Life Sciences

    The Rise of Chambers of Commerce in Life Sciences The Life Sciences sector in the United Kingdom continues to see change that ever-shapes its future. Public and private investment continues but the distribution of new investment is a changing too.  Large scale investment has been driven, for example, by large pharmaceutical developers and manufacturers in […]

  • The Patent Box Regime

    The Patent Box Regime This relief was introduced in 2013 to encourage the creation of intellectual property (IP) in the UK. The plan was that by 2017 the corporate tax rate on profits arising from the exploitation of UK or European patents would be just 10%. However, after discussions between the UK and Germany, a […]

  • The Patent Box in practice

    We’ve all heard of the Patent Box. A new regime to encourage innovation by providing an incentive for companies to “locate their high-value jobs associated with the development, manufacture and exploitation of patents in the UK and maintain the UK’s position as a world leader in patented technologies”. From April 2013, a key benefit of […]

  • The Commercialization Process NuAge Vision Publications

    The Commercialization Process NuAge Vision is proud to announce the availability of their new book “The Commercialization Process which will be available in January 2016.   NuAge Vision’s experience in the commercialization process spans 30 years for both Pete Hotten and Nick Pay or a grand total of 60 years. During that time we have […]

  • The Art of Business II

    Competition in the marketplace is inevitable, indeed one can consider that competition occurs in all areas of our lives. The way of Sun Tzu urges us to understand the competition as much as possible to be effective in battle. However, cryptically, he goes on to say do not compete for its own sake and choose […]

  • The Art of Business I

    The Art of Business Is business, whatever that may be, like war?… Well many think it is and the writings of “Sun Tzu”, a Chinese general in Circa 500 BC, is required reading for some companies. Let’s take a look. “Seize the day”, considered to be Sun Tzu’s 6th Principle of warfare ” is extremely pertinent to […]

  • Good financial housekeeping!

    When a new, innovative enterprise first gets going, the founders are quite rightly intent on ensuring that the company’s offering – whether it be new technology, or some revolutionary product or service – is progressing as it should towards the goals set out in the business plan.  In the background, however, there is an environment […]

  • Fast track or slow track to patents

    Fast track or slow track to patents: some pertinent strategy considerations for life science and pharma companies When considering patenting strategy, it is common to take a conventional first filing – international filing route followed by national / regional filings at 30/31 months with decision making focussed on jurisdictional scope at the end of the […]